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19 May 2022

2022 – Top Energy Saving Products – Appliances, Fridges, Washing Machines, Dryers, Tech and Cars

With nearly 28 million Smart meters installed in the UK, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what’s eating watts in their homes and are looking at ways to reduce energy usage, both overall and on a ‘product by product' basis. 

Sust-it has been ranking appliances, tech and cars by their running costs for over sixteen years. Collecting the energy usage data of tens of thousands of household electricals and, in recent years, vehicles and electric cars. It has analyzed all this data to reveal the most energy-efficient products in the UK marketplace in 2022, from washing machines to electric vehicles.

Ross Lammas – the Founder of Sust-it, said, “Energy monitoring is making energy usage a lot more transparent. Combine this with smart, super-efficient appliances and internet-linked heating systems and it is helping consumers conserve energy and reduce their bills. Lifestyle changes and purchasing decisions can make a real difference.  Radical solutions, such as switching to an electric car, could save you hundreds of pounds a year, or simply replacing an old fridge freezer could save £50 yearly. 

Most energy efficient Appliances 2022

Tumble Dryers

Washing Machines


Fridge Freezers 

Larder Fridges

Upright Freezers

Top-performing Tech products 2022 

Set-Top Boxes

Media Streamers


Desktop Computers

Laptop Computers

Laser Printers

Home & Business Projectors

2022 Most fuel-efficient cars

All vehicles




Petrol Hybrid

Diesel Hybrid

Plug-in Petrol Hybrid   


About Sust-it

Sust-it’s energy efficiency website ranks products by their energy usage and CO2 emissions. It does this through its unique calculations of average usage, combined with carefully researched energy usage data published by manufacturers and government agencies. The site is constantly updated and contains a wide range of products from Cars to Chest Freezers. You can compare electricity tariffs and calculate your CO2 emissions at the same time. The electricity unit rates used to calculate the costs per hour/cycle/year are based on Gov.UK Quarterly Energy Prices.

The Sust-it website was conceived and developed by TurnRound after its proprietor Ross Lammas, became increasingly frustrated by the difficulty in finding the data on the energy consumption of products whilst he was building an environmentally sustainable office and home. The site is independent of any manufacturers, retailers, or energy companies and does not receive any funding from government agencies, trusts, or independent charities.

For further information, please contact: Ross Lammas – Founder of Sust-it

Tel. 01242 808071


Smart meters rollout data:

Electric car savings:

Quarterly energy prices:

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