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How many green energy suppliers! Are their tariffs really 100% renewable electricity?

We’ve just updated our UK energy companies fuel-mix database. The most striking thing is the sheer number of new energy suppliers – and, more worrying, those that have gone bust! The energy supplier market seems to be awash with choice, … Continue reading

Switching energy supplier? Should we choose the greenest? cheapest? or friendliest?

Due to the current energy market situation, we’d recommend not switching until prices stabilise! Earn £300 for a few minutes work. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But that’s the average amount you could save by switching … Continue reading

It’s big energy saving week – don’t forget your appliances!

Citizens Advice Bureau and other community groups are holding energy saving events across the UK. Giving free information and advice on all aspects of saving money and reducing your energy bills. Impartial advice is available from getting the best deal … Continue reading

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