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Energy Saving Lighting Electricity Cost Calculator

Simply changing your bulbs to energy savers could have a dramatic effect on your electricity bills over a year. Our comparison table below compares the running cost of a conventional bulb to an energy saver. Multiply this by the number of lights in your home and work and you can see how it adds up! And you don’t have the chore of changing bulbs so often.

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Comparison of standard and energy saving light bulbs

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Bulb Type Power Cost /day* Cost /Year Saving
Standard 40W 2.93p £10.71
Energy Saving 8W 0.59p £2.14 80.0%
Standard 60W 4.40p £16.06
Energy Saving 11W 0.81p £2.95 81.7%
Standard 75W 5.50p £20.08
Energy Saving 15W 1.10p £4.02 80.0%
Standard 100W 7.33p £26.77
Energy Saving 18W 1.32p £4.82 82.0%

*based on 4.5 hrs a day at the Average rate of 16.3p/kWh (June 2018 tariff) for a unit of electricity.

How to choose light bulbs

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