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10 September 2007

Want to save energy and money when buying new products? has it Sust

One-stop shop for expert buying advice online teams up with energy advisory site to offer visitors sound advice on the eco-friendliness of new technology

Responding to consumer concern about the environmental effects the products we purchase and use everyday really have – and how we can save both money and planet by buying more efficiently – the Net’s newest buyers guide has teamed up with environmentally sustainable energy saving product guide

Where applicable, practical test reports on Best4Reviews will feature an information link to the same product on Sust-it, where visitors can additionally discover how energy efficient it is.

"It’s all about ‘added value’ for visitors to Best4Reviews and Sust-it," says Best4Reviews’ editor Doug Harman, who, along with fellow technology journalists and fellow editors Gavin Stoker and Michael O’Connell, recently launched the online buyers guide.

"As well as being able to rate a product on how it performs in the practical sense, we can provide visitors with extra information on how it performs environmentally. By including a link to Sust-it after the verdict of one of our reviews, those who want to find out more can do just that in one click."

Visitors to Sust-it seeking details of a product’s energy efficiency can also click on a dedicated ‘more info’ link to Best4Reviews for additional advice on how good or bad the product is in the practical sense.

"For both sites and our users it’s a win-win situation," notes’s Ross Lammas. "Saving energy not only makes sense for our pockets, it reduces our impact on the environment and helps us all to be more sustainable in a changing world. Have you ever wondered how much your fridge costs to run a year? Or how much energy the latest ‘must have’ flat-screen TVs use? At Sust-it we provide you with up-to-date information on the energy usage of consumer products available today, so that you can compare the running costs of your next purchase, while Best4Reviews provides peace-of-mind that the product will actually do what the manufacturer says it will."

Technology rated by Best4Reviews and also featured on Sust-it so far includes the likes of Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sharp XV Z21000 projector, Epson DX7000F and Kodak 5300 all-in-one devices plus Sharp Aquos LC-37XD1E TVs.

"It’s early days but we intend to roll out money and energy saving information for as many products as possible in the coming months,” says Best4Reviews’ O’Connell. “Teaming up with Sust-it is just another way we can give our visitors a better level of service: offering free independent expert advice on the latest ‘must have’ products while at the same helping them save money in the long run by indicating which are more energy efficient."

For more information, visit and now.

About Best4Reviews

Launched on August 1st, 2007 by three of the UK’s leading technology journalists and growing all the time, Best4Reviews aims to become the one stop shop for expert buying advice online. As well as reviews of digital cameras, TVs, projectors, printers, scanners, gadgets and more, the free independently run site features news of the latest must have technology, visitor views via its forums – who are also encouraged to contribute their own reviews and product experiences alongside those of the site’s experts – plus exclusive competitions to win the latest gear.

About Sust-it

Sust-it’s objective is to encourage individuals and manufacturers to be more energy conscious, and encourage trade between like-minded organisations. The site provides up-to-date information on the energy usage of consumer products available today, so that you can compare the running costs of your next purchase.

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