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Change of Pace

Research shows that speed reduction is the single most effective measure to cut carbon emissions from road transport.

So driving just a little more slowly than you normally do can actually make a difference. You may also begin to appreciate how much more relaxed it makes you feel - particularly on arrival at your destination.

Smaller cars

Why not change your lifestyle altogether and opt for a smaller car which will give you lower fuel consumption and environmental impact and cost you less road tax into the bargain. New cars also tend to have cleaner, more efficient engines.

Remember, 4-wheel drive and automatic gearboxes also mean higher fuel consumption.

Short journeys!

Did you know that 72% of car journeys are under 5 miles and 50% are under 2 miles?! If everyone who used a car rode a bicycle instead - or walked - car mileage would be cut by one sixth.

Short journeys don't get a cars engine warmed up properly so they burn more fuel, creating more pollution. And low running temperatures also mean the catalytic converter won't have kicked in, again causing more pollution.

Plus walking and cycling are both great forms of exercise!

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