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Sustainable Tourism

Choosing a holiday is another area where we can all make a positive impact on reducing our energy needs. By simply reducing the number of flights we take each year, or traveling by rail or sea could dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. Taking a holiday in the UK for a few years might mean that those 'once in a lifetime' trips like trekking in Nepal, helping the orangutans in Borneo, or visiting a cousin in New Zealand, are easier to justify. There are so many stunning locations to visit without flying anywhere and plenty of sustainable tourism options available; from luxury log cabins in France to renting a holiday cottage in the UK, whether it's for a weekend break or a family holiday by the beach. The UK has a huge range of accommodation available to suit all budgets and needs. Check out the EcoHolidayShop for ideas and a wide range of accommodation types, including cottages that take pets - saving the cost of kennels, those suitable for the elderly or less mobile, cottages with swimming pools to keep the kids happy, caravans near the beach, in National Parks or log cabins in the woods. There are boating holidays letting you discover our wonderful canals, staying in a yurt or camping on a farm. Lots of cottages are situated close to cycle routes or give easy access to the countryside for walking or horse riding. Visit for details of over 14,000 cottages available for your holiday.

Even if you feel the need to cross water to have had a 'proper' holiday; Guernsey, Jersey, the Isles of Scilly and northern and southern Ireland are easily accessible by ferry. And travelling to France or Spain needn't be 'off limits' either.

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