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Car-free Living

OK, becoming completely car-free may be impossible, depending on where you live, your working needs and so on. But by becoming more aware of the possibility of being car-free as much as possible, can make a big difference.

Walking and cycling are not only great forms of exercise, but also the easiest and most pleasurable ways to take short journeys. Using public transport, lift sharing and using car clubs are also ways of cutting down on car usage. You could even consider a motorcycle as bikes use significantly less fuel and are cheaper to run.

You may like to check out some of the websites of these organisations:

  • Living Streets (the Pedestrians Association) - champions of creating safe, healthy streets for people on foot.
  • Sustrans - takes a practical approach to encouraging walking, cycling and use of public transport.
  • Carplus - use the calculator to add up all your real car costs - the quickest way to make you change your habits!

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