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Are air fryers more energy efficient than an oven or microwave?

Welcome to the world of Doll’s House energy-efficient cooking! Well, that’s the first impression of operating an Air Fryer; it’s tiny and compact. Not something you’re going to use for cooking this year’s Christmas turkey — that said, it could … Continue reading

Is the Beko ECOWMB81445LW A+++ the best energy efficient washing machine at an affordable price?

Is this a low cost super energy efficient washing machine for the price conscious consumer? At just over £200 it certainly looks that way. This washing machine features a large 8kg drum, which means fewer washes per week. According to Beko … Continue reading

Top tips for choosing the best energy saving washing machine for your home

It’s not in our nature, but try to look beyond the purchase price – and consider the running costs. Also energy labels on washing machines can be rather confusing, as they now display average electricity consumed in Kilowatts hours (kWh) … Continue reading

Ross Lammas the founder of Sust-it offers some canny advice on understanding energy labels, and why he started his energy saving website

Q: Why did you start Sust-it? A: Frustration at the lack of information regarding energy efficiency! I’d been fortunate to self-build an eco house in 2006 – which involved lots of research in into energy efficient building design and low … Continue reading

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