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The bicycle has to be one of the most efficient - and fun - machines ever invented! Cycling is also one of the very best forms of exercise, increasing your chances of a long and healthy life. In fact regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being 10 years younger!

Cycling doesn't necessarily have to mean taking longer over a journey. Cyclists often get across town quicker than motorists having to drive in traffic and find parking. 75% of all journeys are less than 5 miles long - easily within half an hour on a bike.

Keen on cycling? Then try these:

  • Cyclists Touring Club - provides practical information and also campaigns on access and other cycling issues.
  • Velo Vision Magazine - passionate and practical cycling stories from around the world.
  • London Cycling Campaign - for more and safer cycling in London. (Many towns have similar campaigns).
  • A to B Magazine - idiosyncratic and dedicated and a fount of information on unusual bikes and car-free alternatives.

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