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Charging Stations

Thirty-seven million pounds is being invested in the UK plug-in home and on-street charging stations. This should make using electric cars a far more viable option for longer journeys.

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Electric car charging points near me – update

At last, the momentum in EV charging network, with electric car sales growing the need for readily available away-from-home charging, has begun. Tesco is the latest organisation to offer EV charging bays. They have partnered with Volkswagen and are planning to install 2,500 charging bays in 600 stores by 2020. 7kW slow chargers will be available for free battery top-up. Faster rapid chargers will be a paid-for offering. Knowing that you could potentially recharge your EV on longer journeys at supermarkets will make planning much easier.

Other supermarket chains already offering small-scale EV charging include Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's.

Traditional forecourt fuel brands BP and Shell have already bought into the market, with the acquisition of Chargemaster by BP (6500 charging points). Shell took over NewMotion, who operates over 40,000 charging points.

Electric vehicle charging stations are becoming commonplace, which is good news for EV owners and the local environment.

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