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When using your dehumidifier closing windows and external doors, will help improve their energy efficiency.

Features such as automatic shut-off's, timers and smart controllers may also help reduce their energy consumption.

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Prem-i-air Silica Rechargeable Dehumidifier
The Compact Silica Rechargeable Moisture Absorbing Dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture in small areas (drawers, storage boxes, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.) and is non-toxic and completely safe. The Rechargeable Dehumidifier requires no battery or power in operation and…
From £23
ElectrIQ MD100
From £25
Vonhaus Compact Mini Portable Black 500ml Dehumidifier
Perfect for use in small rooms, walk in wardrobes, cupboards, closets, caravans, motor homes and boats up to 15m-- in size. Designed to quickly remove excess moisture from small spaces, the Mini Dehumidifier efficiently and hygienically extracts up to 250ml of water per…
From £27
Duronic Dh05 Mini Black 500ml Air Dehumidifier
Perfect for smaller spaces, this dehumidifier is ideal for homes suffering with mould and mildew.The mini dehumidifier will extract up to 250ml of water a day, removing excess moisture in the air. With a visible water level it is easy to monitor when the tank needs…
From £31
Prem-i-air 0.25 L 'el Poquito' Mini Peltier Dehumidifier With 0.5 L Tank Capacity
This compact, thermo-electric Peltier effect dehumidifier is ideal for small spaces. Boasting ultra quiet operation as there is no compressor, the dehumidifier can remove up to 250 ml of moisture per day.
From £33
ElectrIQ MD280
Portable Dehumidifier
From £34
Pifco P44011
Portable Dehumidifier
From £36
Devola Mini 550ml Dehumidifier
This portable mini dehumidifier is ideal for keeping small spaces free of damp and moisture. The Mini D Dehumidifier works to remove moisture from the air, be it in your car, office or home. The Mini D Dehumidifier will remove a relative amount of moisture from the air…
From £45
Heaven Fresh Hf625 Silent Portable Home Mini Air Dehumidifier, 0.5l Capacity - White
Part of the Heaven Fresh range, this mini dehumidifier has been designed to remove excessive moisture from small rooms and cupboards. Only 22cm tall, it has a silent function and can absorb up to 500ml of water. The removable water tank is clear for monitoring and…
From £45
ElectrIQ MD400
Portable Dehumidifier
From £45
2l Mini Dehumidifier
The Mini Dehumidifier is light and portable, with a 2L water tank and an extraction rate of 350 ml at 30 deg. and 80%RH. This compact Dehumidifier features a thermo-electric Peltier module (no compressor) and offers low power consumption. Other features include…
From £46
Prem-i-air 1.5l Ola Peltier Dehumidifier With Auto Shut Off Function
This Compact Moisture Absorbing Dehumidifier is light and portable, with a 1.5 L water tank capacity and features a thermo-electric Peltier module - meaning it has no compressor and boasts low power consumption. Simple to operate and quiet in use, this dehumidifier…
From £49
Vonhaus 2l Portable Dehumidifier, Black
The VonHaus dehumidifier is perfect for use in living rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, caravans, boats, offices and much more. With its thermoelectric Peltier module, the VonHaus Dehumidifier is considerably quieter than a traditional compressor type…
From £50
ElectrIQ MD600
Portable Dehumidifier
From £55
From £57
Honeywell HD-E010E1
From £99
Swan SH5010N
Portable Dehumidifier, Air flow: 120m3/h, Max. Operating area: 30m², Silent (43 dB)
From £99
Devola Core 10l Compressor Dehumidifier
The Devola 10L home dehumidifier is compact and portable, and small enough to be concealed in most rooms and settings. This 10L home dehumidifier is the ideal solution for small homes, flats or offices that need to deal with condensation problems, damp or mould. Whether…
From £100
DURAMAXX Dryhouse 10 Dehumidifier 10L/Day Compressor Air Filter
With the Dryhouse 10 Dehumidifier, DURAMAXX delivers a no-frills workhorse that carries out its dehumidifying tasks harmlessly and easily. A powerful compressor motor cuts the condensation from the air at a rate of up to 10 litres of water per day, making a valuable…
From £104
ElectrIQ CDW12L
Portable Dehumidifier, Air flow: 140m3/h, Max. Operating area: Up to 3 room(s)
From £110
Portable Dehumidifier, Max. Operating area: 20m²
From £114
TriStar AC-5410
Dehumidifier, Air flow: 150L, Operating temperature range: 5 - 35°C, Silent (42 dB)
From £114
Xtreem 10 Dehumidifier 10l With 1.5l Tank Capacity
The Xtreem 10 Dehumidifier is a compact unit that can remove up to 10 L of moisture per day and is perfect for either home or office use. This attractive unit features an easy to read display and control panel for simple operation, with a variable humidity control…
From £118
Dimplex Forte DXDH10N
Dehumidifier, Max. Operating area: 15m², Operating temperature range: 5 - 35°C, Silent (42 dB)
From £119
Dimplex Dxdhc10 10l Ultra Compact Dehumidifier With Washable Filter
The Dimplex DXDHC10 Ultra-Compact 10 Litre Dehumidifier is a small, yet powerful, companion. Featuring a continuous drain option the DXDHC10 is most effective for drawing out excess moisture and damp.This compact dehumidifier, from Dimplex, helps dry clothes and warms…
From £120

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