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When using your dehumidifier closing windows and external doors, will help improve their energy efficiency.

Features such as automatic shut-off's, timers and smart controllers may also help reduce their energy consumption.

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Wenko Entfeuchter-Set WENKO car, 1 bag with 1 kg, 2 bags per 250 g
Free car windows, less moisture with the Car dehumidifier include the foggy morning or even...
From £20
PINGI i-Dry XL Dehumidifier 26 W White
While dampness in small spaces can quickly be eliminated by smaller PINGI products, garages, workrooms...
From £25
PINGI ID-500+H Dehumidifier 20 m²
The Pingi i-dry XL is the individually and versatile air dehumidifier in robust design for...
From £25
Renkforce Hygrostat Renkforce MH-810HN Grey
This text is machine translated.A handy intermediate plug for a pleasant air quality which also...
From £33
PINGI PR2-700M Dehumidifier White
The Dry again is the new advanced way to eliminate moisture and bad smells. The...
From £39
Eberle Hygrostat Eberle HYG-E 6001 White
Hygrostat for regulating a connectable air humidifier and dehumidifier. Ideal for living or office spaces,...
From £74
Basetech Dehumidifier 20 m² 72 W 0.03 l/h White
This text is machine translated.The dehumidifier operates with a thermo-electrical Peltier module and is thus...
From £100
Dimplex Glen Dimplex Forte DXDH10N
Dehumidifier, Max. Operating area: 15m², Operating temperature range: 5 - 35°C, Silent (42 dB)...
From £137
Swan SH5010N
Portable Dehumidifier, Air flow: 120m3/h, Max. Operating area: 30m², Silent (43 dB)...
From £139

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