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Ross from Sust-it offers more advice on energy saving at home…

Q: If you had to choose one energy efficient appliance for the home, that would make the most difference, what would it be?

A: That’s a tricky one; tumble dryers have become a necessary evil in many busy households, but are real energy guzzlers, so, if you have to buy one, go for the most efficient model you can afford. Although space saving I’d avoid buying a washer-dryer if possible. Also, it’s worth considering replacing your fridge and freezer if they are over 15 years old – these appliances have greatly improved in efficiency over recent years, plus they are on 24/7. Upgrading a fifteen-year fridge freezer with an average A/A+ rated model could save you £37 per year. Buy a top-performing A+++ model and you could be looking at £67 per year, then multiply that by 15 years! A word of warning though, don’t be tempted to keep the old refrigerator in the garage as a ‘beer’ fridge – it will cost you dear!


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