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It’s big energy saving week – don’t forget your appliances!


Citizens Advice Bureau and other community groups are holding energy saving events across the UK. Giving free information and advice on all aspects of saving money and reducing your energy bills. Impartial advice is available from getting the best deal from your existing energy supplier to switching to a new one, to insulating your home.

One of the most forgotten consumers of energy in your home are your appliances and electricals, which account for nearly 40% of your homes energy bill? Incredibly, over 80% of people have no idea of how much electricity their appliances, TV’s or gadgets cost to run. And less know that running an old appliances such fridges / freezers, (they’re running 24/7) could dramatically increase your energy consumption. Having a twenty-year-old chest freezer chugging away in you garage could be costing you over 65% more to run than new model, that’s £41 a year! Might not sound a lot but it all adds up – and imagine that figure multiplied across the UK!

Are you sitting comfortably? Have you got an old Plasma TV in sitting room? Several years ago there was a dash to replace tube TV’s with plasma’s. Unfortunately they were bad news for electricity meters and if you have an early model it could be costing you over a £100 a year in electricity! Compare that to the latest LED television, which will cost you a tenth of that!

It’s not all about buying new stuff though – there is merit in buying appliances that will last a long time, however, simply changing the way you do things can make a real difference to your bills. Here are some simple Sust-it tips for reducing your energy bills for big energy saving week.

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