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Can hot fill washing machines be a greener option?

We’ve had several Sust-it users asking us why you can’t get hot fill washing machines any more. I must admit we went through the same process when replacing our worn-out washing machine a few years back. We had a very reliable Zanussi washing machine for over 19 years, which had a hot water feed, which was a real plus as our heating system at the time (which was not very eco-friendly, I must say!) was always generating a constant supply of hot water.  The advantage was we weren’t wasting electricity, by reheating water within the washing machine.

Hot water fill washing machines

We are now using a ground source heat pump to create our hot water supply, which is far more efficient than the heating elements in our washing machine! As would be a solar, wood pellet or even an efficient gas combi boiler! Unfortunately, at the time we needed to replace the Zanussi we could not source a hot feed supply washing machine. This was probably due cost cutting by manufacturers, and perversely the effect of energy labels which did not have a testing procedure for hot water supply machines.

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So if you have a greener supply of hot water, what are the potential saving? One Sust-it user made contact, had a 12 year old B rated 6 kg Bosch washing machine with a hot fill supply, according to the manual, and at 60ºcotton cycle, and it uses 0.4 kWh costing  £37.57 That’s nearly better than our best performance A+++ top-performing machine!

You will please to hear that you can now get a new energy efficient hot feed washing machine from ISE,  these Swedish made machines are designed to last at least 8000 cycles and every machine is tested at the factory prior to dispatch. If you did one wash per day, 365 days per year, that’s just under 22 years of use!  AND THEY HAVE A HOT WATER FEED! They are a little expensive though.

Cost to run using internal water heating £51.61 per year = 134.45 kgCO2
With Hot Water feed connected  £28.11 = 44.82 kgCO2

Please drop us a line if you’d like more information on these hot fill washing machines

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21 Responses to Can hot fill washing machines be a greener option?

  1. peter says:

    Did you know there is a British manufacture based in County Durham who now manufacture washing machines and yes, a dual fill (Hot fill) to boot also!!

    Ebac are known for their dehumidifiers and commercial water coolers and launched their machine in late 2016.

    I use one and if fantastic, washes brilliantly and very quite!

  2. Jim conlon says:

    Hi there , I had a whirlpool machine over 20 years ago that took both hot and cold fill … I now have a hotpoint which has only a cold fill.. I think it was totally ridiculous of all the machine manufacturers to make a cold fill machine only… I have a solid fuel cooker that heats radiators and all my domestic hot water. I now have a situation where my domestic hot water is no longer being used to wash my clothes which I have to rely on my electric to heat water for this machine which I have already heated in my domestic system .. If that’s what these machine manufacturers call eco friendly ..god help us … This is not eco friendly when I have a water heating system that cannot be used for washing clothes in a washer. Basically it is a massive waste of heated water , which cost money too … So come on you manufacturers and reverse your decision to have a cold fill only. As electricity ain’t cheap anymore.

    • Whirlpool user says:

      Totally agree with you, my whirlpool has been fantastic but need to replace it. I am now looking at an Ebac machine which seems to offer everything I’m looking for but is quite expensive.

  3. Diane says:

    When loading my new cold fill only machine I pour in half a watering can of cheaply heated warm water before closing the door which makes a very worthwhile cut in the cut the cost of heating the water by expensive electricity. Only use warm water but hot water can be used if doing a hot wash. But I let the machine heat the water from cold for a woollens wash, don’t want it too warm for that!

  4. Richard Warren says:

    Where ever you look in places like Spain, South of France, Italy, Greece and Turkey you see domestic water solar panels. What machines do they use and are they forced down the same road of only cold fill. I’m now looking to replace my Bosch Washing Machine that is over fifteen years old which has served us well and made use of the copious amounts of Solar heated water here in Bulgaria. Come on manufacturers, please reintroduce HOT FILL. You know it makes sense.

  5. sheila sheppard says:

    I solved the hot fill with a length of garden hose and a fitting to attach to my kitchen tap. I manually fill machine to level i want,through the dispenser, then turn on machine and leave it to do the rest. I use bed & bath cycle as it gives more rinses.
    (this is not for pre wash cycles as machine opens outlet to loose any excess water before filling) hence hot water wasted.

  6. Judi P says:

    Ebac look as though the are about to bring out a range of washing machines. September 2016 so imminent? They include some macines with dual fill, hot and cold. I know no more than that but I’m hopeful. Prices don’t look too bad.

  7. Peter Barker says:

    I have a solar hot water system that gives me hot water normally above 50C for nine months of the year. In winter it can be as low as 35C. No-one can tell me that it would be more efficient for me to use a cold-fill washing machine or dishwasher – because that is COMPLETE NONSENSE! I have been looking for years to buy a fast-cycle, hot-fill machine and at last, an ALL BRITISH COMPANY has geared-up to do just that – with effect from September 2016.

    I have no connection with them, I just stumbled over it online today when googling the subject. And the price is no higher than the slow and wasteful cold-fill-only machines. Search Ebac washing machines and be happy!

    Now, back to google – where can I get a hot-fill dishwasher?…….

    • Carl Watson says:

      EBAC washing machines are great. Recently replaced our ancient and much rebuilt UK made Hotpoint with an EBAC. Never seen such clean washes. Whisper quiet. Fantastic machine. Just waiting for EBAC to make a fridge freezer/ vacuum cleaner etc.

    • lixxie says:

      Yes we purchased an Ebac; been great so far very pleased. It is good at using our solar thermal hot water when needed – you just need to buy one of the dual fill models.

  8. marion says:

    i have hot water from my oil boiler – very cheap – also old 18 year old hotpoint washed in about 30 minutes – new cold water feed takes 3 hours on the quickest – using electricity all the time – nonsense

    where can i get a hot feed machine

  9. Susan Heather Lingam says:

    You can buy a Y connector so that you can connect to the hot and cold from taps and it all goes into the machine at the same time lovely warm water. Unfortunately they do normally have a valve at the inlet bit which restricts the amount of water you can put into the machine. If you unscrew this and simply remove the mesh this stops the restriction of water. It is government policy for the manufacturers is to ensure the public does not use too much water. If you do a pre wash cycle or a quick wash prior to your proper wash the clothes start off with the additional water. No one will convince me that washing your clothes in an inch of water is going to get them clean. My first experience of a cold fill washing machine was a disaster. I also used powder and the clothes came out after finishing with lumps of powder enmeshed in the fabric. Not sure if the EEC or our government is responsible for this bit of interference. I have been saying for at least 40 years that vacuum cleaners were too heavy and uncomfortable to handle. At least now someone is addressing this with the new cordless vacuums. Cookers also need an overhaul. In the old days you could take it all to bits and clean it yourself. At the moment this is not so and so many sharp dangerous edges to catch your fingers on when you clean it. Especially under the grill which you can’t see!

  10. peter louch says:

    What if you have Solar Thermal.?
    I don’nt want to use electric for the water in the washing machine. Even though we Panels as well. I have fixed a system ,whereby .my wife fills the machine manually,with hot and cold via valves. Works well for us.

  11. kev inn says:

    People go on about heating the water in a cold fill washer being more efficient than drawing it from your boiler. What they dont say is that electric per kWh is alot dearer than the equivalent gas cost. So it costs more to heat a washer by electric than a washerful of water heated in your boiler. So electric is 100% efficient. Indeed. But its sooo much more expensive to buy.

  12. Garytango says:

    Why not just connect the cold feed pipe of a washing machine to the hot water supply? Would the machine still heat the water regardless of its current temperature?

    • Alex says:

      You don’t want to simply switch to 100% use of hot water because it won’t control how hot the wash gets from within the washing machine: you’d be rinsing with hot water, and over-cooking (damaging) some fabric types, example you’d shrink most jeans, ruin jumpers and fix in stains in some fabrics.

  13. maciej says:

    “We are now using a ground source heat pump to create our hot water supply, which is far more efficient than the heating elements in our washing machine! As would be a solar, wood pellet or even an efficient gas combi boiler!”

    that is not the case. Electric devices are 100% efficent, combi boiler even if condensing when heating water will not even get close to 80%.

    • Roger Charlesworth says:

      Electricity is delivered to your door at a maximum efficiency of around 20% compared to gas which is burnt at the point of use at 80% or higher. Electricity is an extremely refined source of energy at it is extremely wasteful to convert it back to the lowest form of energy which is heat. It would seem then that with current prices, the investment in a dual supply machine would take years to recover.

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