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Kitchen Appliances

Most kitchens are full of appliances which use energy or water - or both! becoming more aware of how you use them efficiently, that is only running dishwashers when full, and using the lowest temperature setting. Plus, when it comes to replacing them, choosing the most energy and water efficient models as possible.

Using your washing machine at a lower temperature cycle means using less electricity without sacrificing results. And you'll find modern powders and liquids are just as effective at low temperatures.

Buying new appliances

When buying a new washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher or electric oven, choose the energy efficient one. You could find yourself making significant savings every year and help to cut down on general energy usage.

By law, new machines must carry the European Energy Label rating them from A (most efficient/least energy used) to G (least efficient/most energy used). An Energy Saving Recommended logo will appear on the most efficient products.

For cookers, hobs and ovens, gas or electricity are most common - or a combination of both. Again, look for the European energy ratings - plus always check this site to compare the latest products on the market.

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