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Modern technology is great, but computers, TVs, DVD & Blu-Ray players, games consoles, stereo systems and so on all use energy.

Did you know, for example, that TVs and set top boxes account for some 75% of all electricity consumption within the consumer electronics sector?

Newer, larger flatscreen and plasma TVs actually use more energy than older cathode ray and LCD sets. But the latest LED TVs use up to 50% less power than plasma sets.

Use this site to find out how much energy each TV uses before you buy a new one. And, of course, try never to leave any device in standby mode - the power consumption may not be much, but it's still a waste of energy.

Remember, all mains powered electrical devices emit electro-magnetic fields. These have been linked to health problems. So make sure everyone sits at least six feet from the screen and that the power is always switched off at the plug when not in use.

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