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Running cost of Bosch WAT28370GB Washing Machine*

Product Information

Bosch WAT28370GB
£0.26 Cycle £47.64 Year £619.37 Lifetime

On average, the Bosch WAT28370GB 9.0kg A rated Washing Machine would use around £33.90 of electricity per year for a medium-sized family, with a further £13.75 for water - giving a total outlay of £47.64 per year. The cost per cycle is roughly £0.26, and you would typically require 183 cycles per year to do 1644kg of washing (UK average).

Over its average lifetime of 13.0 years, the Total Cost of Ownership of this product would be £1,099.36 at current energy and retail prices. This product was added to Sust-it in December 2015. Prices start from £479.99.

Product Data

Wash Capacity: 9.0 kg
Average Washing Cycles per Year: 183 (1644 kg of washing)
Cost per cycle: £0.26
Cost per kg per year: £5.29/kg
Cost per year: £47.64
Lifetime Running Cost: £619.37
Total Cost of Ownership: £1,099.36

Based on using data published by their manufacturers. (np) = no published data. Usage is defined by these criteria.

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