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Price comparison of GU10 LED Spotlights*

GU10 is a very popular light fitting in UK households, it is often called "twist and lock". Standard GU10 spotlights operate at 230V, and have two round bayonet pins. To install the GU10 light, push the bulb into the socket and twist to lock it in position.

Electricity costs are set at the UK Average Tariff of 17.78p per unit.

Select tariff:
Ordered by price (lowest to highest) Cost / day* Cost / year* Buy
Philips Hue White And Color Ambiance LED Lamp 6.5W GU10
0.69p £2.53 From £44.50
Osram Parathom PAR16 80 LED Lamp 6.9W GU10
0.74p £2.69 From £16.26
Philips LED Lamp 7W GU10
0.75p £2.73 From £9.41
Osram SST PAR 16 80 LED Lamp 7.2W GU10
0.77p £2.80 From £2.00
Osram Superstar PAR16 LED Lamp 7.5W GU10
0.80p £2.92 From £1.00
Osram LED Star PAR16 50 LED Lamps 7.5W GU10
0.80p £2.92 From £4.00

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