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Panel Heaters listed by annual running cost

Electricity costs calculated at UK Average Tariff of 15.41p per unit.

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Dimplex DXLWP800TIB 800w Panel Heater in Black
The Black stylish Dimplex 800W Low Energy Panel Heater with timer is the ideal...
800 W £0.49 £44.38 From £79
Adam iRad Electric Panel Heater in Black Glass
Fed up of old and rusty radiators? The 28 inch Adam iRad is a great...
1000 W £0.62 £55.48 From £70
STATUS HH-1200W1PKB Panel Heater, Black
Keep toasty in all temperatures thanks to the Status HH-1200W1PKB Panel Heater with three heat...
1200 W £0.74 £66.57 From £20
Dimplex Panel Heater | Steel | 0.4 Kw
The 800 Watt Dimplex Panel Heater is an ideal background heating solution for rooms where...
4000 W £2.47 £221.90 From £47

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GreenPlug Tips for Heaters

Can you get energy saving portable electric heaters?

Unfortunately not, all portable electric heaters will consume the same amount of electricity and produce the same amount of thermal heat, relative to power input. The only difference will be in how they deliver the heat, e.g. fan heaters are a good choice for quick heating of specific areas of a room, as you can direct the heat.

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