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Ceramic Heaters listed by annual running cost*

Electricity costs are set at the UK Average Tariff of 16.3p per unit.

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Dimplex DDF250 250w Desk Friend Ceramic Heater with USB Charging Port - White
The Dimplex Desk Friend DDF250 ceramic heater provides you...
250 W £0.16 £14.67 From £28
Dimplex 2 Kw Midi Ceramic Heater
The Dimplex 2Kw Midi GTS Ceramic Heater, fitted with electronic...
2000 W £1.30 £117.36 From £81
Dimplex Twin Turbo Ceramic Heater
The Dimplex 3kW Twin Turbo Ceramic Heater can be floor...
3000 W £1.96 £176.04 From £111

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