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1250W Microwave Ovens listed by price

Electricity costs are set at the UK Average Tariff of 16.3p per unit.

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Samsung MS22M8054AK/EU Black
Medium size, Integrated, 1250W, 22L , Features: Rotating Plate, Defrost, Autocooking, Display
1250 W ~2.38p ~£8.68 From £279
AEG MBB1756S-M Stainless Steel
Small size, Integrated, 1250W, 17L , Features: Defrost, Grill, Display
1250 W ~2.38p ~£8.68 From £329

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GreenPlug Tips for Microwave Ovens

Cooking or re-heating small portions of food in the microwave could save 80% of the energy used to cook or warming it up in an oven.

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