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Bosch Compact Dishwashers ranked by annual running cost*

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Ranked by cost per place setting* Cost / setting Cost / cycle Cost / year Prices
Bosch SKS62E22EU
Bosch SKS62E22EU
6 Place Setting Compact Dishwasher
1.57p 9.41p £29.06 From £430
Bosch SKS62E12EU
Bosch SKS62E12EU
6 Place Setting Compact Dishwasher
1.59p 9.56p £29.32 From £430
Bosch SKS60E02
Bosch SKS60E02
6 Place Setting Compact Dishwasher
1.62p 9.72p £29.58 From £430

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GreenPlug Tips for Compact Dishwashers

Don't over fill! It's easier to wash a few pieces by hand than rerun an entire load because things were packed too tightly.

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