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Which are best fridges/ freezers on sale today?

Sust-it is continually looking to refine our energy efficacy database to reflect which products are the best. Fridges and freezers are one area where being small had a major impact on where the products appeared in our energy saving rankings – which was misleading. We’ve now addressed this issue by comparing the electricity consumptions with the actual storage capacity of the fridges and freezers. This allows you to compare the cost per cubic foot of refrigeration storage space and identify those real performance stars.

Top energy savers fridges and freezers include:

Upright FridgesMiele K9554IDF
Undercounter FridgesLiebherr KTPES1554
Larder FridgesLiebherr KB4260
Undercounter Larder FridgesLiebherr KTPES1750
Fridge FreezersSmeg FAB40X
Upright FreezersWhirlpool AFG8131
Frost Free Fridge FreezersHotpoint RTM70S
Chest FreezersLiebherr GTP4726
American Style Fridge FreezersAEG SANTO 75578KG1

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