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Sustainable procurement of office equipment – have you sust-it?

Greening your computers

Greening your IT decision making

Why buy sustainably? All our purchasing decisions have an impact on the earth’s resources – your impact could be multiplied tenfold if you are purchasing for the public sector or a large organisation.

So how can sust-it help you make more sustainable purchasing decisions, that can help save you cash as well? For example: Are you about to upgrade your computer monitors to larger higher resolutions screens? Do you know your current monitors electricity usage use and what your new screens will consume? The answer to both of these is probably no, and that’s were we can help. All we need is for you to provide us with the model numbers of your current screens, or we can carry-out an on-site survey for you. And then we can do comparisons of the energy consumption of a vast range of monitors. The potential savings for commercial companies are vast, and for publicly funded organisations, who have a duty to spend money wisely, for the long-term public interest, it will help to make your purchasing decisions more transparent.

Below is a simple example of how sustainable office equipment procurement could reduce your IT procurement carbon footprint, increase profitability and improve your employees working conditions.

1 x 17″ CRT screen used for an average of 8 hours 5 days a week = £61.20 per year 214.66 kgCO2

If you had…

Five offices with 30 CRT 17″ screens = 150, running cost = £9,180 per year CO2 output = 32,199 kgCO2

and replaced them with…

150 x 22 inch LED screens running cost = £688.50 per year CO2 output = 2415 kgCO2

you could save…

Saving £8491.50 per year and 29784 kgCO2 reduction

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