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Sust-it’s energy saving appliances database updates

This week we have rolled out a number of improvements to the search results pages.

Firstly, calculations are now based on electricity costs from a broad range of Energy Suppliers. Simply choose a different Supplier and Tariff from the pop-up menu on the Search Results page, and the daily and annual costs are instantly re-calculated.

Secondly, we have added a new column to the results that shows how many kilograms of CO2 the product will produce each year. Calculations are based on data from The National Energy Foundation and official UK data from DEFRA.

Finally, we have added the Annual Power Consumption in kWh/year for every product into the More Info section, so you can perform further calculations if you wish.

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Compare running costs & prices

You can compare the running costs and prices of thousands of electrical products with Sust-it, simply choose from the options below:

Low Energy LED Bulb Prices

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Bayonet Fitting
GU10 LED Spotlight
Small Screw Fitting

Vacuum Cleaner Prices

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Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners
Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Central Vacuum Cleaners

Electric Shower Prices

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10.8 kW Showers
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7.5 kW Showers

Microwave Oven Prices

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700W Microwave Ovens
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1250W Microwave Ovens

Heater Prices

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Fan Heaters
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Convector Heaters

Small Appliance Prices

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Vehicle Running Costs

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