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Why standby and waste energy?

We’ve now added standby power consumption figures to our database. At first glance they may look like very low figures, however when you multiply this by 24 hours a day, 365 days per year it all adds up! sust-it would … Continue reading

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Smart tech – always listening, always on! “Alexa how much energy do you use?”

All homes have a background energy usage driven by the electricals that are on 24/7. Refrigerators, appliances on standby, set-top boxes, TVs, pumps, boilers, broadband routers, computers, chargers – the list of items sucking energy goes on and on!  Now smart … Continue reading

Sky, BT YouView, Virgin media – which are the most energy efficient set-top boxes/players?

Satellite, cable and Internet set top boxes can consume lots of precious energy! With the advent of more energy efficient LED TV’s you’ll be surprised to see that your digital box could be consuming more energy than your screen – unless … Continue reading

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