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Playstations Slimdown their energy consumption

Playstation 3 PS2 PS1 power usage

Playstation PS1 PS2 PS1 energy consumption

We’ve been testing the latest slimline Playstation 3 to see if the energy efficiency is improving – which it is! The slimline version of the PS3 showed a 36% decrease when playing an online game, compared to the original fat version of the PS3. Plus a 31% improvement in it’s standby performance too!

Even the old PS2 which is still sold as a shrunk down version, has dramatically improved it’s energy efficiency with an overall reduction of electricity consumption by 60% ! You could watch a DVD on a Slimline PS2 for an amazing 12.5 watts per hour, compared to 128.4 watts on the original PS3.

It still bares no resemblance to what the original Playstation 1’s energy consumption was. An hour’s retro gaming on Crash Bandicoot only uses 6.3 watts! Cracking fun.

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