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European Energy Cost Comparison

The table shows the average amount in pence that domestic consumers pay per one kilowatt-hour of electricity including taxes & duties, in lowest to highest order.

Country Price for 1 kWh
Austria 15.83p
Belgium 19.81p
Bulgaria 7.44p
Croatia 10.21p
Cyprus 11.89p
Czech Republic 11.05p
Denmark 24.04p
Estonia 9.40p
Finland 12.00p
France 13.12p
Germany 23.11p
Greece 13.70p
Hungary 8.67p
Ireland 18.06p
Italy 18.79p
Latvia 12.67p
Lithuania 9.58p
Luxembourg 13.22p
Malta 9.79p
Netherlands 12.61p
Poland 10.37p
Portugal 18.30p
Romania 9.83p
Slovakia 11.08p
Slovenia 12.60p
Spain 17.01p
Sweden 14.75p
United Kingdom 15.19p

Figures provided by GOV.UK - International domestic energy prices

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