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30 Oct 2014
David Cameron once fixed a turbine to his roof. Now his government is blocking the cheapest clean energy, says the Guardian's Polly Toynbee.
27 Oct 2014
A novel wave power device backed by green energy company Ecotricity has successfully completed first stage testing, it was announced today.
23 Oct 2014
One of the UK’s largest solar rooftop installations is being built at a giant Marks & Spencer (M&S) distribution centre in the East Midlands, it was announced today.
20 Oct 2014
Scotland is joining Wales and Northern Ireland in charging shoppers for carrier bags , in an attempt to encourage sustainable behaviour among shoppers.
14 Oct 2014
UK green energy company Ecotricity and construction giant Skanska have entered into a £500 million joint venture to build onshore wind farms in Britain.
10 Oct 2014
More than 100,000 homes across the UK could be given a carbon neutral retrofit by 2020 if the EU approves funding for a ground-breaking green social housing project this month.
7 Oct 2014
A 40 per cent cut in energy use by 2030 through efficiency measures would increase the UK’s GDP by £62 billion and create 40,000 new jobs, according to unpublished EU figures.
2 Oct 2014
The Government on Thursday outlined plans to provide £300 million worth of support subsidies to the renewable power industry this autumn but has angered the solar industry and been accused of not providing value for money.
29 Sep 2014
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has called on businesses, politicians and people to urgently solve humanity’s increasing demand on the planet’s natural resources, as it publishes today new findings obtained by the WWF and the Zoological Society of London that show wildlife populations globally have halved in the last 40 years.
27 Sep 2014
Up to 100,000 new homes are to be offered to first-time-buyers under the age of 40 at a discount of 20 per cent if the Tories win the next election, David Cameron has pledged.
27 Sep 2014
A world record has been set for cleantech funding by UK start-up, Powervault, which secured funding on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to develop its innovative domestic energy storage devices.
25 Sep 2014
Solar has the potential to create 60 gigawatts of generation capacity by 2030, supporting 50,000 green jobs and contributing £25.5 billion to the UK economy, according to major new research released today.
23 Sep 2014
Ed Miliband made a firm commitment to tackling climate change today as he pledged to create one million high-tech green jobs by 2030 if Labour wins the next general election.
23 Sep 2014
i2O Water, the UK cleantech firm that is helping utilities plug the leaks in their water supply networks, has signed a multi-year deal with US smart meter company, Itron Inc, to accelerate the take up of its 'intelligent’ water control system around the globe.
23 Sep 2014
The UK Government is joining forces with consumer goods giant Unilever to develop sustainable supply chains in third world countries at the same time as pledging millions of pounds of investment to help smallholders in developing countries tackle deforestation and manage scarce resources.

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